Tech Sling XI Pro



Move quickly and confidently through any situation.

Elevate your game with our cutting-edge sling bag technology and design.


Whether you are popping out for lunch or running a quick errand.

the Sling X was designed for spontaneous outings on lighter excursions.

Keep your pockets free and bring only the essentials.

Sling bag features

1. A golden ratio cutting that allows you to move freely.

2. Flexible size scheme that fits all types of lifestyles.

3. The internal structure scheme and varied storage categories.
With the invisble magnetic flip that helps you take items instantly.

4. The Sling compartment creates features that allow you to use it in any situation-flexibly, suddenly,daily, and freely.

5. It has pockets inside pockets, including smaller compartments made to store your sd cards and other small, loose items.


Due to flight restrictions, dispatch may be taking a little longer, so please kindly allow extra time for shipping delays.

While we will do all we can to ensure your order is delivered on time, KINGSONS cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, service interruptions, etc.

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Our Values

We use ergonomic design, such as adjustable length backpack straps and streamlined design for the back of the human body. In addition, the fabric of the backpack uses scratch-resistant coating, waterproof coating, backpack fabric is more durable.

Kingsons Prime

It was 1997, and Kingsons‘ founder, TigerHuang, was a free-thinking cloth tailor from Hong Kong country side. He came to work in downtown Kowlon, fell in love with the functionality and utility of backpacks and wanted them to be accessible to all. At the heart of the most perfect , the Kingsons Bag was born. Kincase, as a sub unit of Kingsons Bag team, we're trying to create something creative, useful with great design for frequent travelers.



Great product. Sturdy and stylish. Best of both worlds!

S. Gill

Excellent product, delivered on time, great quality, very satisfied with this sling bag

Miriam Baeza

Comfortable and lightweight. I’ve used it several times without issue.

Bruce Wright

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