Tech Sling
XI Pro

The Power of Mobility

About Tech sling -XI PRO

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Kingsons Prime
Quick care, Go anywhere
Move quickly and confidently through any situation
storing joy

Keep your pockets free and bring only the essentials, with the internal structure scheme and varied storage categories.

About Our 40L Tripper Bag

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Tripper backpack

Go Anywhere Do Anything Bag
One bag for all, all in one bag

Equipped with four powerful modular packing tools, 25 pockets and more than 15 unique features, the Tripper Bag is "just the art of packing."

Airlines Carry - on Approved

Equipped with Okoban. Okoban is a system that allows individuals to register items with previously assigned unique identification codes in an online database


Our Anti - theft design

Despite the large capacity, we emphasize comfort, with padded pockets, breathable back, streamlined shoulder straps and adjustable sternum straps to distribute the load.


Weight balance straps

Tripper bag can also be converted into duffle bag mode, you can press the button on the shoulder strap to adjust the position of the padding to make the weight of the duffle bag more balanced.