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The Ultimate Travel Neck Pillow with Noise-canceling Ear Muffs


Experience unparalleled relaxation and peace during your journeys. Allow you to replenish your sleep time during travel and increase your energy for work or travel.

Portable Storage

The earmuffs are detachable and can be used as both noise cancelling pillow and normal neck pillow. They can be adjusted to different angles and are suitable for different ear shapes.

7-Layer Noise Cancelling

The industrial grade noise reduction technology made of seven layers of materials can achieve a noise reduction effect of up to 35db, and isolate 85% of the surrounding environmental sound.

Soft Fabric

The inner side is made of skin friendly and breathable coolfabric, which is cool without sweating. The outer side is madeof high-quality leather, which is wear-resistant, dirt resistant,and not prone to aging.